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The Changing Door County Real Estate Market, Door County Happenings, Fall Decorating Ideas and More!

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The housing market is in the midst of a major shift, and the Door County market is no exception. Although our unique housing market is typically more stable than the rest of the country, it tends to follow the national trend in a fashion similar to the arrival of summer: just a bit delayed.

Home buyers and sellers may be experiencing a slight panic, with echos of the 2008 market crash causing additional concern. While these fears are not unfounded, changes to the structuring of mortgages, higher interest rates, and continued low inventory make this market quite different than the situation back then.

A market “correction” is very different than a crash. Although the market is slowing, analysts say that there is no expectation of a major crash like we experienced over a decade ago.

This market is complicated to be sure, but the news is not all bad – for buyers or sellers. Opportunities abound, particularly in Door County, and with the right partner in your corner, you can achieve your real estate goals even in the face of a shifting market.

If you’re thinking of selling, call one of our experts so we can help you navigate the shifting Door County real estate market.

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trends for late summer 2022

Lower Home Sales

Existing home sales slid in recent months, with lower inventory putting upward pressure on home prices. 

Affordability Decreasing

Flat income rates, rising home prices, and higher mortgage rates are making it more difficult to buy a home.

Inventory Higher in County

Smaller communities like Door County saw a slight increase in inventory over the last year, an exception to the rule over much of the state.

new feature announcement!

We’ve added new information to listings on truedoorcounty.com that will help make your home search easier.

Each listing’s “At A Glance” section now contains Contract Status information, allowing you to see more detail on the actual status of listing.

Now you can distinguish between listings that are available and others that are under contract but may have special circumstances. In a competitive market, this information can make all the difference!

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door county happenings

Birch Creek Fall Season

After a busy summer season, the Birch Creek Faculty entertains with this series of special concerts.

Inside/Outside Days

Shop, eat, and enjoy as Fish Creek businesses host activities and special promotions both inside and outside all weekend long.

Sunflowered at Northern Sky Theater

A tale of deep laughter, tough choices, and chosen family on a Door County camping trip.

door county living

Door County’s natural beauty during the fall season is something to behold, and many residents put special effort into their fall home decorating. This gallery from HGTV provides some great inspiration for your home’s fall look.

HGTV: our favorite fall decorating ideas

more of the door

Autumn is coming fast, and the late summer harvest makes for great eating. Destination Door County offers some great video recipes to ensure your change of seasons is delicious.

5 recipes to transition you to autumn

Door County cherries are abundant now and their uses are endless. Get a dash of DC cherry history and find out where to get some delicious beverages made with them in this article.

discover drinks made with local cherries in door county

Interested in a Door County home? Our unique county has an unconventional and competitive real estate market. Our local and independent real estate professionals are long-time residents who dedicate themselves to helping buyers and sellers achieve their goals in Door County.